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Serving You Is Our Specialty!

Fast Track

Fast TrackA decision was made to create a special eatery for friends, neighbors and visitors within our area as well as those who enjoy traveling for the best. Our goal at Fast Track is to satisfy all tastebuds in an atmosphere that is fun, friendly and FAST!

Not only do we offer you the freshest and highest quality products; we know how to best prepare them. We feature Vienna all beef hot dogs and a special recipe Italian beef and sausage. All beef burgers and daily fresh chicken breasts and fish are among our char-broiled selections. If french fries are your treat, let Fast Track fry them for you. Not all fries are created equal and for that reason we have chosen the highest quality daily fresh cut potatoes. In addition, we consider those who are concerned about cooking alternatives therefore we use only 100% cholesterol free oil in our frying process.

Fast TrackOn the lighter side, our Light Track selections include homemade tuna and fresh salads made daily. Yet we at Fast Track offer that splurge with unique sweet tooth treats.

We assure you, our highly valued customers, that each meal you have with us is one we're pleased and proud to serve you. We pride ourselves with our reputation for cleanliness. Fast Track, serving you is OUR SPECIALTY! ENJOY!!!

Monday through Friday; 6:00am to 7:00pm
Saturday; 9:00am to 4:00pm

629 W. Lake St.
Chicago, IL 60661